Skill Descriptions

We are actually just using this as a generic catch all for all arts, perhaps not very realistic, but it has worked well so far. Not sure that I agree with torture being in this category.
As with art above, we are just using this as a single catch-all crafting skill. So far, so good.

Environment Suit (base 0%)

As this is a science fiction setting, this has been extended to cover space suits. Previously known as Scuba. I renamed this skill after the gaming session, but the old name is still used almost as often. Lesson learned, even if the new name makes more sense, renaming things may not.

Humanities - History (Base 20%)

Humanities - Linguistics (Base 0%)

This is another skill where we are using the skill as a catch-all rather than individual skills per vehicle.

Science - Biology (Base 5%)

Science - Botany (Base 5%)

Science - Chemistry (Base 0%)

Science - Forensic Pathology(Base 0%)

Science - Geology (Base 0%)

Science - Medical (Base 5%)

Science - Pharmacy (Base 0%)

Science - Physics (Base 0%)

Science - Surgery (Base 0%)

Science - Zoology (Base 5%)

Social Science - Anthropology (Base 5%)

Social Science - Archaeology (Base 0%)

Social Science - Criminology (Base 0%)

Social Science - Military Science (Base 5%)

Social Science - Political Science (Base 5%)

Social Science - Psychology (Base 5%)

Weapon - Gun - Handgun

Weapon - Gun - Heavy

Weapon - Gun - Machine

Weapon - Gun - Rifle

Weapon - Gun - Shotgun

The rules for wrestling seem like an entire mini-combat system that bypasses the normal rules of the game. I may pull this entire skill out, and just use the unarmed skill.

Originally I collected a lot of skills from different sources, with the intent to collate them together, and have a massive skill list. I found myself spending too much time on this project, and realized that I was moving away from something usable, so I gave up that approach. As a quick answer to having a skill list, I adapted the skills from the Gore system.

Skill Ratings